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What do dietitians do?
Dietitians help you to understand complex nutrition science and create meal plans suited to your medical needs and lifestyle.

Do I need to see a dietitian?
Everyone can benefit from seeing a dietitian. Our dietitians specialise in creating meal plans to help with weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular health, food allergies, intolerances and much more.

Where are your clinics located?
There are two clinics located in the Darwin NT- Casuarina and Palmerston.

How much does my initial appointment cost?
Appointments costs vary. Click here to view all fees.

Can I get a referral covered by Medicare?
You may be eligible for Chronic Disease Management Plan from your doctor. You should speak to your GP before your appointment with your dietitian to see if you are eligible.

Will the dietitian give me a meal plan to follow?
After your initial appointment you dietitian will work with you to create a meal plan that suits your needs and personal preferences to make it easy to follow.

Will my private health insurance cover my visit to the dietitian?
If you have extras cover with your private insurer some of your consult may be covered. It is best to find out what your health insurance covers before coming to your appointment.

How many times do I need to see a dietitian?
This will vary between individuals. Your dietitian will discuss your care plan with you during your consultation.

Can I go on a supermarket tour with one of the dietitians?
Balance Diet Centre runs group tours and private tours. You can call your chosen clinic to enquire about tour dates and bookings.

Does Balance Diet Centre do presentations and cooking demonstrations for groups and corporate organizations?
BDC has previously worked with many organizations to make individualized presentations and demonstrations to suit the audience needs. You can call your nearest clinic to further discuss availability and quotes.