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Back To School Kids Shoes

Did you know children spend more than 1000 hours a year in school shoes? You’d want to hope they’re wearing the right pair of shoes!

A study we recently released revealed that as many as 61 per cent of children haven’t had their feet professionally measured in the past 12 months.

That means almost two-thirds of Aussie kids could be wearing shoes that aren’t properly fitted to their feet.

There is a lot of pressure on parents when it comes to buying the right pair of shoes for their children. Some schools dictate what type of shoe students must wear and sometimes your child wants the latest fashion.

My FootDr Children School Shoes

Regardless of brand, it’s important that your child’s school shoe offers the right support and enough growing room for feet to develop naturally.

Inappropriate, poorly-fitted shoes may affect the long-term development of feet and cause problems with pain, balance and posture.

We always recommend children visit a podiatrist at least once a year, so as their feet grow they can receive the appropriate support along the way.

Our podiatrists can perform a physical assessment, use video walking analysis and 3D foot scans to discover any issues before they arise.

Before your child goes back to school, talk to your podiatrist about the best shoe for your child’s feet!

How to find the perfect fit for your child:

· Lacing gap – Leave room to flex and move
· Arch – Keep foot supported
· Width – Make sure there’s enough room
· Depth – Extra depth is needed if orthotics are to be fitted
· Heel grip – Foot won’t slip while walking

Ask us about our NO GAP* children’s foot health checks.