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It’s January which not only means a new year, but also a new school year. Did you know children spend over 1000 hours a year in their school shoes? That’s why it’s so important to find a shoe that’s comfortable and supportive for your child’s feet.

How do I know what school shoes to choose?

We know it’s tricky trying to find the right pair of school shoes for your child when there’s so many factors to keep in mind:

  • length
  • width
  • material
  • flexibility
  • fasteners

That’s why we’ve left it to the experts to do the research. How To Choose The Right School Shoes gives parents some helpful guidelines to follow when shopping for new school shoes.

We offer professional fitting services!

If you’d prefer one of our My FootDr fully trained shoe fitters to give you a hand, all our clinics have fitters capable of finding and fitting the perfect shoe for your child. Find your nearest clinic here- 

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