Ever wondered if your nails grow at the same speed? Our toenails grow 2-3 times slower than our fingernails! It’s very important to cut and look after toenails correctly to avoid ingrowing and infections, otherwise you’ll be waiting a while for the nail to grow out.

Can I stop ingrown toenails in my child?

It’s estimated that 50% of ingrown toenails in kids and adolescents are caused by nail cutting technique. Usually if our patients are suffering from ingrown toenails and have poor cutting technique, we observe the following:

  • Nails that curve down into the edges
  • Nails that cut deep down into the edges
  • ‘Picked’ or ripped off nails

These issues are easily preventable by always cutting the nails straight across with nail scissors.

How to correctly trim toenails

  • Trim straight across your toenails
  • Use proper nail trimming scissors or straight-edge clippers every time 
  • Manage sharp ends gently using a nail file
  • Leave just a couple of millimetres of white nail at the tips
  • Aim to trim or check your child’s toenails every month

Need fast relief from ingrown toenails?

Our podiatrists offer ingrown toenail treatment so make sure to make an appointment if you, or someone you know is suffering.