Do you suffer from ingrown toenails? Do you have diabetes or does the thought of needles scare you?

Finally, there is a solution that is pain-free and completely non-invasive. No need for surgery!

What is bracenfix™?

bracenfix™ is a revolutionary non-surgical, pain-free way to restore the natural shape of the nail as it grows.

Why bracenfix™?

  1. No Pain
  2. No Downtime
  3. Immediate Relief
  4. No Side Effects
  5. No restrictions to your daily activities
  6. Safe for diabetics, children, and those with poor circulation or needle-phobia
  7. You can still wear nail polish!

bracenfix™ Results:

bracenfix™ Process:

bracenfix™ is a revolutionary Ingrown Toenail Treatment designed to address ingrown toenails without the need for surgery or discomfort. This innovative system utilizes a hardened composite material that is cured by an LED light, effectively acting as a brace on the nail plate. By maintaining the correct shape as the nail grows from the base to the end, it reshapes the pathway for new nail growth.

Once applied, the bracenfix™ system remains in place for approximately 2-3 months. As the toenail grows, bracenfix™ moves with it, aiding in the correct positioning of the toenail. Additional bands can be applied during this period to ensure the desired outcome.

bracenfix™ FAQ’S

How does bracenfix™ work?

bracenfix™ acts as braces for your teeth would. The brace supports the  nail as it grows, acting as a guide supporting the nail and preventing it from curling. As soon as it’s applied, bracenfix™ causes the nail to contract, resulting in instant pain relief which continues to improve as the nail grows.

Are Patients able to claim bracenfix™ on private health insurance in Australia?

Yes, bracenfix™ is covered under private health insurance (Item Number F344).

How long does it take to apply bracenfix™?

bracenfix™ can be applied in a standard consultation.

How long until I feel pain relief?

You will typically experience some immediate pain relief after application, and a further reduction in pain after 2-3 days.

Is bracenfix™ a permanent solution to ingrown toe nails?

In 80-85% of patients, bracenfix™ successfully reshapes the nail’s alignment and restores natural growth.

Can bracenfix™ be applied to patients with diabetes and/or who have poor circulation?

bracenfix™ is suitable for patients with diabetes and/or who have poor circulation as bracenfix™ is applied externally on top of the nail.

After applying bracenfix™, am I able to resume daily activities as normal?

Yes, you can can resume daily activities as normal.

Is bracenfix™ waterproof?

Yes, bracenfix™ is fully waterproof.

Ever wondered if your nails grow at the same speed? Our toenails grow 2-3 times slower than our fingernails! It’s very important to cut and look after toenails correctly to avoid ingrowing and infections, otherwise you’ll be waiting a while for the nail to grow out.

Can I stop ingrown toenails in my child?

It’s estimated that 50% of ingrown toenails in kids and adolescents are caused by nail cutting technique. Usually if our patients are suffering from ingrown toenails and have poor cutting technique, we observe the following:

  • Nails that curve down into the edges
  • Nails that cut deep down into the edges
  • ‘Picked’ or ripped off nails

These issues are easily preventable by always cutting the nails straight across with nail scissors.

How to correctly trim toenails

  • Trim straight across your toenails
  • Use proper nail trimming scissors or straight-edge clippers every time 
  • Manage sharp ends gently using a nail file
  • Leave just a couple of millimetres of white nail at the tips
  • Aim to trim or check your child’s toenails every month

Need fast relief from ingrown toenails?

Our podiatrists offer ingrown toenail treatment so make sure to make an appointment if you, or someone you know is suffering.

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As one of our top five conditions that we see and treat every day here at My FootDr, here’s the low-down on ingrown toenails, why you may be getting them multiple times, and how you can fix that problematic toenail todaypermanently.

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