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Is there a difference between laces and slip-on shoes? 

When Choosing The Best Children’s Shoes, it’s very important to choose a pair that has an adjustable fastening mechanism. Choosing shoes with laces, velcro or a buckle rather than a slip-on can help in many ways.

  • It’s important that the shoe is secured to the foot so the toes do not claw to grip the shoe
  • As your child’s feet grow it’s also important that you are able to adjust the shoes.

How can I teach my child to tie their shoelaces?

With the start of the school year nearing, why not use the last couple of weeks of school holidays to introduce your kids to a new skill! Kids on the Move has created this fun and easy instruction guide to help your kids start practicing.

Learning to tie shoelaces kids activity

  1. Click on the button below to download the instructions and printable template.
  2. Place the shoe template on a box or piece of cardboard to make the shoelace holes more sturdy.
  3. Thread some string or shoelaces through the holes.
  4. Use the step-by-step instructions and get you kids to practice on the template.

Download and Print Here

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