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Our podiatrists provide regular toenail care by reducing the length and thickness of the toenails for those that are no longer able to reach their feet, have nails that are too thick and difficult to manage on their own, have conditions like diabetes, or that want to leave their foot health in the hands of the professionals.

Routine toenail care appointments are completed every 4-10 weeks depending on how quickly your toenails grow. We don’t just care for the nails and treat the symptoms, but where possible, seek to find the cause of any problems to help prevent them from being an ongoing hassle for you. These appointments involve:


  • Trimming long toenails
  • Checking for any infections in the nail plate, such as those from fungus or yeast
  • Reducing the thickness of your toenails where required
  • Clearing dead skin from beneath the nail where possible
  • Removing any debris from the sulci (borders) of the nails
  • Removing any corns or callus from the toes and around the nails
  • Diagnosing any new problems with the toes or nails, assessing the cause, and discussing prevention
  • Assessing the condition of the toenails, and providing advice on how to look after your feet and toes where needed


Nail care appointments are typically painless and last for up to 30 minutes. Where time allows, we also:

  • Debride any callus around the feet and heels
  • Enucleate (remove) any corns from the feet
  • Help manage cracked heels 
  • Treat plantar warts (conservatively)
  • Assess the cause of these problems, and develop a management and prevention plan
  • Monitor the status of your foot health, providing foot care advice


Safe, Professional And Sterile Nail Care

You can expect the highest quality of foot care with My FootDr. Our qualified and experienced podiatrists adhere to strict safety and sterilisation protocols for every instrument that is used to care for your feet and nails. While nail salons have repeatedly been reported for spreading fungal nail infections or plantar warts, we minimise your risk for these and other adverse events.

As we treat many patients with diabetes, bleeding disorders and other problems that make their feet vulnerable, we understand the importance of taking extreme care and completing a comprehensive service.


More Than Nail Care

Our podiatrists train for four years to be able to deliver comprehensive care to your nails. While it may appear that we are only providing toenail care, your podiatrist is also using their knowledge and experience to identify any other noticeable foot problems and monitor the status of your foot health, while keeping your nails looking great.