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Sore Feet After Long Day at Work

We spend roughly a third of our day in a workplace, but how much thought do we put into what impact our footwear choices have on the health of our feet over the course of our career?

According to our 2017 Healthy Feet Survey, more than half of Australian women (52%) experienced sore feet after work in just the last 12 months. Almost two-thirds (64%) also said they had purchased shoes that were fashionable but not necessarily the best fit.

Women have a high-risk factor when it comes to workplace foot injuries and foot pain, with inappropriate and unsupportive shoes contributing largely to the problem.

Often women are conscious about their feet appearing petite at the forefront of the shoe and wear shoes that induce problems like bunions or corns and calluses.

Wearing footwear such as high heels, which changes the pressure under our feet, can also lead to a significant and permanent change in just 2 to 3 years.

What are the common workplace foot problems?

Some of the most common foot conditions women experience are listed below – have you experienced any of these?

Promoting workplace foot health

Understanding the triggers and taking a preventative approach to how you maintain your feet can go a long way to ensuring your feet don’t get in the way of a long and successful career. 

Wear supportive shoes – choose shoes with lower heels, good arch support and seek custom foot orthotics to perfectly match the contour of your feet.

Keep flexible – changing positions regularly helps to avoid straining one specific muscle group more than another. Strike a balance between moving around the office and sitting down and resting.

Stretch, stretch, stretch – stopping at regular intervals to stretch, relax and lengthen muscles can help to avoid stiff and painful muscles.

Do your homework – your skin mirrors what is happening underneath it, so wash your feet regularly and inspect them for corns, calluses and changes to your nails. 

– Seek advice – podiatrists can assess your feet and recommend footwear to provide better support in the workplace and a management plan to prevent injury.

If you experience foot pain, book an appointment with your local podiatrist today.