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Are your feet causing you back pain?

While foot function plays a vital role in overall health and wellbeing, people often don’t realise that Podiatrists specialise in conditions that extend beyond just the feet.  

Podiatrists look at the entire lower extremity, which refers to anything from the hip to the toes – this includes the hip, knee, ankle joints and bones of the thigh, leg and foot.

With up to 70 percent of the population estimated to suffer from lower back pain at some stage in their lives, we also look at the role of your feet and biomechanics in contributing to lower back pain.

How can my feet impact my back?

 Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors including osseous (bony), neuropathic (nerve damage) or soft tissues.

One major cause of lower back pain is incorrect positioning of the pelvis during walking – and this often due to foot posture and problems with foot and leg function.  Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Here are two of the common conditions:

Abnormal Pronation

Flat Feet” can cause various rotations throughout the legs during the walking cycle, resulting in a forward tilt of the pelvis, increased curvature of the spine and added strain on the muscles and ligaments of the lower back.

Asymmetrical Movement of the Feet

If one foot is rolling in or out significantly further than the other, it can again result in increased curvature through the lower back and a pelvic tilt.  This once again places a strain on the associated muscles and ligaments.

The good news is there are treatments available such as Orthotic Therapy.  Click here to learn about how Podiatrists can treat lower back pain.    

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