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How to protect your shoes

How to protect your shoes There’s nothing worse than looking down at your favourite pair of shoes and noticing scuff marks and water stains. At My FootDr we offer a range of products to protect your shoes against undesirable markings, moisture damage and making an old pair of shoes look brand new.

The trick isn’t waiting for the damage to appear but taking preventative measures to protect your shoes from becoming damaged in the first place. You invest time and money into finding the right shoes for your feet; protecting that investment with affordable shoe care products can extend your shoes’ lifespan and keep your shoes looking clean and polished.

Must have shoe care products

Renovating Polish

Renovating polish is a water-based polish to condition, clean, and nourish leather shoes with a high-gloss finish and colour refresh. The polish is mild and will not damage the integrity or the colour of the leather. This product is economical to use and is the perfect addition to shoes from our leather footwear range such as the Bowery Kinsley by Vionic.

Water and Stain Protector

Water and stain protector is a multi-use product that can be used on shoes, bags, clothing, hats and umbrellas to protect against discolouration and moisture damage. The product maintains the natural look and feel of your shoes material and acts as waterproofing. This is the perfect product for suede, nubuck, and smooth leather shoes that can easily stain from puddles and rain.

The simple application includes dry wiping your shoes to remove particles and dust, then lightly spraying over the shoes. You should repeat the process annually to protect your shoes all year round.

This product works great on the Siena Bootie by Revere, a suede boot that is vulnerable to water staining when wet.

Instant Shine

Instant shine is silicone oil and wax-based sponge applicator in a protective case which fits perfectly into a handbag or briefcase; a great travel addition when your shoes need an instant clean, shine, and condition. This product works best with smooth leathers and synthetic shoes such as the Corban boot by Ziera.

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Our friendly retail assistants can demonstrate the effectiveness of the products on your shoes along with recommendations on care products for your shoes.