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Australian charity Footscape, which helps disadvantaged people in need of foot and lower limb care, will soon be able to deliver more vital podiatry services after forming a new partnership with My FootDr.

My FootDr has this month donated $5000 worth of brand-new footwear to kick off its support of the charity boosting its ‘Shoe it Forward’ program which distributes new and second-hand shoes to recipients in need.

The program aims to eliminate painful foot problems, mobility and social problems affecting homeless and other disadvantaged persons which arise as a result of wearing poor shoes.

The business will also contribute funds and services to help the organisation achieve its goal to alleviate the burden of foot pathology in disadvantaged communities.
My FootDr co-founder and CEO Darren Stewart said his organisation was excited to throw its support behind the philanthropic endeavour.

“All Australians have the right to live a life with healthy feet, however unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to access appropriate footwear or podiatry care,” Mr Stewart says.

“Partnering with Footscape is the perfect fit for our organisation as we can make a meaningful contribution to a charity affecting real change in this area.”

Podiatrist StaffordHe said My FootDr had the opportunity to leverage its national footprint in support of Footscape.

“There is a clear cultural synergy between our vision to deliver quality healthcare and the important work of Footscape, and through our 50 podiatry clinics across Australia we can provide important support through raising awareness as well providing funding.”

“In partnership with one of our medical suppliers, we have also made a commitment to provide much-needed supplies throughout the year.”

“As our relationship with Footscape develops, I’m sure we will identify further opportunities to maximise the knowledge and skills within our organisation – as well as our podiatry equipment and training program – to support the success of their work.”

Footscape CEO Anthony Lewis thanks My FootDr for its support.

“We undertake a raft of work from podiatry care and health promotion among disadvantaged individuals and communities through to research, education and fundraising – and no amount of support goes unnoticed,” Mr Lewis says.

“We are excited to form a strong tie with My FootDr and identify opportunities for ongoing support of our core objectives which centre on both bridging the information gap and overcoming the physical barriers around overall foot health and wellbeing.”