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Golf Shoe Review 2018

To help you find the best golf shoes for your game, our podiatrists have compared a range of golf shoe styles from leading brands to help you decide on what’s the best fit for you. 

Spending five hours on an 18-hole course can take its toll on your feet, which could really impact your golfing game; something no golfer wants to hear.

My FootDr’s podiatrists understand a golfer’s drive and are here to help keep you on your feet. If you are currently exhibiting foot-related pain during or after a round of golf there could be many different causes – including your footwear!

It’s important your golf shoes can help you get through round after round in comfort…Even if your short game lets you down!

Choosing the correct golf shoes for your feet will provide comfort and functionality on the golf course. The perfect swing starts with your feet, so whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a weekend warrior, shoes can make a big difference.

Poorly fitted golf shoes, either too narrow or wide, can create new problems in your feet or make existing foot symptoms worse. A golf shoe too narrow can cause blisters, foot cramping and aggravate existing conditions such as calluses and bunions. A shoe too wide will not offer enough support and increase the risk of foot injuries. Therefore it is important to identify the perfect golf shoes for the fit, feel and function of your feet.

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