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Ladies heel pain wearing heels

The national tradition of Melbourne Cup is often a brilliant excuse to get dressed up in our finest and enjoy a glamorous day on the green! Whilst we may start the day looking the picture of elegance, we know that by the end of the night it may be a different story… Having spent the majority of the day standing, walking, and eventually tottering in uncomfortable high heels – the day after you may be left with repercussions in the form of blisters, bruised and swollen feet, or even the odd sprained ankle.

If you’ve found yourself nursing the tell-tale ‘High Heel Hangover’ – take the time to give your injured feet some well deserved TLC! Follow these simple tips to get them back on track in time for your next event!

How to save your soles:

Podiatry Approved Vionic Thongs

Get comfy : If you have pain under your arch or heels, the easiest way back to comfort is to pop your supportive joggers on for a few days. Good joggers will provide some cushion foryour soles, and cradle the arch, taking pressure and strain away.

Blisters be gone! : For blisters and skin irritation, try the My FootDr remedy of a 10 min ice bath mixed with a tablespoon of salt. Cover any broken skin with a quality dressing, and pop you feet into a pair of arch support recovery sandals or thongs from Vionic.

Seek help: Foot pain from wearing high heels should be temporary and moderate. If your foot pain lingers for longer than the effects of your celebrations from the night before, or there is swelling or redness, seek immediate help from our My FootDr podiatrists to get an early diagnosis and treatment. Book an appointment online or call 1800 FOOTDR today.