Podiatry Clinic and Shoe Store Orange

Located in the heart of Orange at Orange City Centre, our podiatry clinic is equipped with state of the art podiatry equipment, taking a sophisticated, modern and digital approach to delivering world-class podiatry care.

You can trust My FootDr’s local Podiatrist Chris Lofts to always provide that extra level of care and attention when delivering the best in foot care solutions for you and your family.

Why choose My FootDr as your foot care professionals: 

  • We provide our patients with innovative and world-class podiatry solutions, so they’re not limited by foot pain and can enjoy a happier life.
  • We work with our patients to tailor a treatment that is individualised to their needs.
  • We always provide our patients with quality care and ensure each patient is treated with respect and attention.

How we can help care for your feet:

Meet Our Team at Orange

Chris Lofts
Cameron Liles