Foot Gout

Gout is estimated to affect 1.7% of Australians and 2.7% of New Zealanders, causing quite sudden and very severe inflammation in one or more  joints of the feet or legs, most often affecting the big toe joint. The symptoms can be excruciating, debilitating, and can make walking and daily movements feel impossible at times. When it comes to gout, some common questions our podiatrists get include:


  • Why have I developed gout?
  • How do I remedy the pain and symptoms of gout in my feet?
  • How do I prevent gout?
  • Which foods cause gout?
  • How do I know if it’s gout – or something else?


To help, our podiatry team have answered and explained your gout frequently asked questions below! 

If you’re currently suffering from a gout flare, or the after-effects of your gout has made it difficult, painful or uncomfortable for you to walk, we can help. Book your appointment with us online.

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