Feet at the beach
Love your feet at home

With parts of our country moving in and out of lockdown and us spending more time at home, our feet can quickly become the last thing on our minds. With them still working hard for us with every step we take, your podiatry team here at My FootDr have shared a six-step routine to easily treat your feet at home.

1. Start by putting your feet up

There’s a good reason that putting your feet up at the end of a long day feels so good. In this case, you’ll want to lay down and put your feet up above the level of your heart. For example, laying in bed and propping your feet up on the wall, or laying on the couch and resting your feet up and the armrest. This position works with gravity to bring excess fluids down and out of the tissues of your feet and legs, helping reduce swelling, relaxing tired muscles, and leaving your feet feeling relieved.

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