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My FootDr Podiatry Hope Island Shopping Centre Podiatrist

Hope Island Shopping Centre PodiatristMy FootDr Hope Island has moved to a new podiatry clinic and shoe store at Hope Island Shopping Centre, continuing their commitment to bring patients the best podiatry care so that their lives are not limited by foot pain.

The brand-new Hope Island podiatry centre offers the full scope of podiatry services including prescription orthotics, fungal nail laser treatment, video gait assessment, shockwave therapy and a range of orthotic friendly footwear.

The centre’s supervising podiatrist Thomas O’Connell, is excited to work in a pristine clinic with the latest podiatry technology available.

“The clinic is fully equipped with the latest equipment, which will help to ensure our patients have access to the very best in podiatry care,” Mr O’Connell said.

Research recently released by my FootDr revealed as many as 30,000 Gold Coast residents could be waking up with sore feet every day.

The 2017 Healthy Feet Survey showed that almost 1 in 2 (48%) of respondents experienced heel, arch or foot pain at least once a week.

A significant number of respondents also said they had experienced sore feet after work (51%) and after exercise (53%) in the last 12 months.

Mr O’Connell said foot health is vital all year round but becomes particularly important when people are more active.

Hope Island Shoe Store “Most of us experience foot pain from time to time, but with increased exercise people experience greater discomfort and pain. This is where our podiatrists can assist. Plus, you don’t need a referral to come and see us,” O’Connell said.

“The most common problems I see include plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Achilles tendinosis, shin pain and general muscle fatigue.”

Mr O’Connell recommends you see a Podiatrist if you experience any type of foot or lower limb problem.

“When a patient presents with pain, our podiatrists take a detailed history, provide a physical assessment and perform video gait analysis to make a diagnosis and then recommend a treatment plan,” he said.

In addition to patient care, the my FootDr Hope Island location stocks a wide range of supportive and stylish footwear from leading brands including Ziera, Vionic, New Balance, Bikenstock and even Custom Golf Shoes.

The my FootDr Hope Island Podiatry Centre is now open at Shop 5, Hope Island Shopping Centre, Hope Island. To book an appointment call 07 5656 2400 or book online.