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Custom foot orthotics treatment

The magic of orthoticsTry to remember a time when your feet didn’t hurt. You wish you hadn’t taken that time for granted. You start referring to those days as, ‘the good old days’. What if we told you, we can take you back to the ‘good old days’? 

Where exercising, walking and everyday activities do not cause discomfort to your whole body. We’re not time travellers, we’re Podiatrists who specialise in custom-made orthotics.

Here are eight reasons how orthotics can help you and your feet.

1. They are customised perfectly to YOUR feet.

2. Orthotics provide support for your feet and legs whenever weight bearing to increase balance and comfort. Helping to support your feet while exercising.

3. Orthotics help improve chronic and acute sports injuries, helping to achieve better performance.

4. Orthotics improve weight distribution and posture.

5. Orthotics optimise shoe fit and comfort and absorb shock.

6. Orthotics improve abnormal foot function and position to correct many common foot ailments or prevent them from getting worse.

7. Orthotics help child’s feet grow in more neutral or anatomically aligned position. This is important if children have leg alignment issues or flat feet.

8. Orthotics can help to eliminate lower back pain caused by alignment issues.

When your feet need a little extra support, our team of highly-qualified podiatrists may prescribe custom foot orthotics to help alleviate and prevent foot, ankle, and knee pain, and improve your balance and foot function in general. From children to professional sports athletes, My FootDr has helped support thousands of happy feet across the country and is proudly the leading provider of custom foot orthotics in Australia.