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Summer Feet at the beach

Feet at the beach

Aside from the sunny days and balmy weather, with summer comes our favourite open-toed shoes and classic Aussie thongs – the ideal choices to beat the heat in this season’s soaring temperatures.

However, having our feet out in the sunshine isn’t always as simple as it seems. If you are experiencing any number of the common and uncomfortable foot conditions that affect Australian’s every day, exposing your feet can be painful and sometimes, embarrassing.

But don’t stress! Common foot conditions like these are preventable and easily managed if care is delivered early on.

Summer ‘Shoe-stoppers’

Untidy Toes

Are you harbouring a stubborn nail… or ten? If you’re having difficulties reaching your feet to perform general maintenance, your Podiatrist can help. From simple nail cutting to general nail care advice, we can help keep your feet looking and feeling healthy between appointments.

Fungal Nails

Out of sight, and often out of mind – during the cooler months our feet stay tucked away in enclosed shoes, which can create the perfect environment for fungal nail infections. Airing your feet is important to provide breathability, and making your feet less susceptible to fungal growth. If you are already suffering from a fungal nail infection, My FootDr Podiatry offers a fast, non-invasive fungal nail laser treatment to safely manage the infection.


Bunions can make footwear uncomfortable and being barefoot unbearable. Unfortunately, once a Bunion has developed they cannot be removed without surgery. Visiting a Podiatrist can help avoid the development of bunions with footwear and orthotic advice to reduce pain and optimize comfort.

Dry Skin

Dry and rough skin can leave your heels cracked and unsightly. This is common in the summer months due to the frequent heel exposure from wearing thongs and the warm air drying out your delicate skin. To avoid dry skin, continue to occasionally wear enclosed shoes and keep yourself hydrated to moisturize your body.

Heel Pain

During the summer months, we find ourselves more physically active, adding pressure to our feet. With increase walking and running activity, our heels feel the impact of our weight which can leave them sore and aching after simple tasks like standing. Ensuring you have supportive footwear and correct foot alignment will make summer walks easier and pain-free.

If you found yourself nodding to any of these ‘shoe-stoppers’, book an appointment today with one of our Podiatrists to avoid painful feet this summer!