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Katrina Richards interview with ABC News from Australian Podiatry Association on Vimeo.


In a recent interview, President of the Australian Podiatry Association, Karina Richards, talks about the growing prevalence of infections coming from visits to nail salons.


Mrs Richards comments on the increased numbers of fungal nail infections, infections around the nail, and skin infections currently being seen and treated by Australian podiatrists. She describes them as being “painful, disfiguring and distressing” for patients, which mirrors what patients at My FootDr tell us when they seek help for a nail or skin infection.


While the instruments used for nail care in podiatry clinics must comply with strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols at a government level, nail salons remain largely unregulated. This means that salons are free to use the same instruments from one foot to the next. You don’t know if the person before you had a fungal infection, or if their nail service resulted in bleeding, meaning you are exposing yourself to potential harm.


What should you do if you suspect that you have a fungal nail or skin infection?


See your podiatrist. We are qualified to diagnose and treat fungal infections of the skin and nails, and can help you differentiate between fungal nail infections and other causes of nail discolouration like trauma and psoriasis. 


Our treatment options for fungal nails include laser treatment, which has shown to have higher efficacy than both over-the-counter pharmacy medications and oral tablets [1].


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