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Orthotics are helping many Australians stay comfortable on their feet over long hours and shifts, recover from foot pain, and stay active and confident through both the early years, and their golden years. While orthotics are best known for being placed inside of sneakers and closed-in footwear, as summer comes around, many patients are left wondering how they’re going to keep wearing their orthotics through summer, when they spend most of their days in open sandals.

To help, today our podiatrists have shared how you can keep wearing your orthotics through summer, what to look for in orthotic-friendly sandals, and a few popular styles available in our retail stores that we recommend for comfortable all-day wear.

First: Yes, You Can Wear Orthotics In Sandals

As long as your sandals are designed with a deeper removable footbed, then you can insert your orthotics in place of the footbed to keep supporting your feet throughout the summer. Here’s what you should consider:

The shape of your current shoes versus your sandals

As custom foot orthotics are professionally adjusted for an excellent fit to the footwear you provide at your orthotic fitting appointment, which are often sneakers or work shoes, consider how the shape of your orthotics will translate into your sandals. Some sandal brands have a much wider fit with a broader forefoot region, so you’ll want to check that the shape will match.

The colour of your orthotics versus your sandals

Wearing open-toed sandals means the area of your orthotics around the toes and beneath the arch is exposed. Consider if the colour of the top cover in your current orthotics will suit being placed into sandals, or if you’ll be unhappy with the appearance if a nude sandal has a blue orthotic outline.

The height and depth of your orthotics

When your orthotics were prescribed, your podiatrist selected the best features including the height and depth of your orthotics based on your foot characteristics, the activities you were going to primarily be taking part in while wearing your orthotics, and the shoes that you were going to be wearing. 

Some orthotics will have been prescribed with a more slimline design, especially if they were going into business shoes with limited space. Other shoes, like steel-capped boots, tend to have ample space and so a deeper heel cup may have been used to add more stability within the shoe, especially when constantly walking over uneven ground. Both of these examples may pose a challenge for transferring orthotics into sandals, with the orthotic either sitting too low and having your foot rub against the ridge, or the orthotic projecting out noticeably higher.

Tip: The differences in the shape, colour and depth of orthotics is why many of our patients choose to have a second pair of orthotics created specifically for their sandals – ensuring a perfectly matched shape, appropriate colour, and a natural fit. It also means they don’t have to constantly switch orthotics between multiple pairs of shoes.

Choosing The Right Sandals

Aside from having a proper removable foot bed – one that is thicker and comfortable, and not one that feels paper thin that you have to rip out, look for:

  • The shape of the sole of the sandal – does it match your foot shape?
  • Does the sandal have adjustable fastening mechanisms at the ankle and the forefoot in terms of straps, buckles or velcro to keep the sandal securely fastened to your foot without your toes having to grip the shoe with every step?
  • Is the sandal wide enough to accommodate your foot?
  • Is the base of the sandal thick enough to help your heel and foot absorb shock as you walk?
  • Do your toes fit comfortably without hanging over the edge of the sandal?
  • Comfort from the moment you try them on. You shouldn’t have to ‘break in’ your sandals – if they don’t feel right, it’s not the right pair for you.
  • Style – while in previous years, sandals with removable inner soles had a very limited range that did not always resonate with the words ‘classy’, ‘stylish’ or ‘trendy’, today in 2021 they absolutely do. You do not have to settle for an unattractive sandal or one you don’t love the look of – there is a wide range of stunning sandals now available – check out some of our favourites below.

Styles We Recommend

Many My FootDr podiatry clinics also include retail centres with a selection of podiatrist-approved shoes and sandals. Here are four of our favourite summer sandals for 2021:

Revere Miami Sandal

With an adjustable back strap, ankle strap and forefoot strap, these sandals fit perfectly to your feet – while looking great! They come with strap extensions, removable insoles for orthotics, a slip-resistant outersole and soft leather linings. 

Revere Geneva Sandal

The closed heel on this sandal gives you greater support around your ankle – and is a big favourite for workplaces in the summer, as well as super comfortable everyday wear. This sandal has removable insoles for orthotics, a slip-resistant outersole and soft leather linings. 

Revere Florence Slide

These are fantastic, comfortable slip-ons with two straps to make them adjust to the perfect size. For many of our patients, they’re their everyday summer staple. Includes removable insoles for orthotics, a slip-resistant outersole and soft leather linings. 

Revere Montana (Men’s)

We love these for a comfortable and practical men’s sandal. Three adjustable straps for a great fit, strap extensions, a soft neoprene lining, slip-resistant outersole and removable foot beds for custom foot orthotics. 

If your local My FootDr clinic has a retail store, our team can help you find the best sandal for your feet – no appointment needed. You can also shop our full range online

Don’t Live With Foot Pain This Summer

If you’re currently struggling with foot pain, and it’s holding you back from wearing comfortable, stylish and orthotic-friendly sandals, our podiatrists are here to help. Book your appointment online or call us on 1800 366 837.