Poorly fitted school shoes can affect the growth of a child’s feet and can cause problems with their gait, balance and posture. The average child spends over 1000 hours a year in their school shoes, so it is imperative that they wear appropriate, well fitted shoes.

Follow our tips to help pick the right shoe for your child and if you have any questions ask one of our friendly podiatrists or shoe fitting specialists.


Check to make sure that the child’s longest toe (this may not be the big toe) is about a child’s thumb width from the end of the shoe to make sure there is some room for them to grow. Any more than a thumbs width and the shoe can be too long.


Make sure the shoe is broad enough and the right shape to fit the child’s foot, too narrow and the shoes can cause blisters, too wide and they will not offer enough support.


Make sure the shoe isn’t too tight across the top of the child’s foot, this can lead to discomfort.


Make sure that the shoe fits snugly against the child’s heel without being too tight or loose.

Ankle Support

Make sure the shoe fits snugly around the ankle but doesn’t rub too much on the ankle. Make sure that when fastened the shoe provides a good grip around the foot.


Last but not least watch your child go for a walk in their new shoes, making sure the child can walk normally and that the shoe is not slipping around the heel.