With the new school year just around the corner, it’s fantastic to see the kids decorating their school books, getting their bags and uniforms ready and getting excited about what classes they’ll be in. But what about their feet?

Having the right gear and care for their feet is an easy and simple way to help your child get the best start to the school year!  Two healthy feet can keep your student feeling comfortable, out of pain, able to run and play with their friends, and not miss out on school activities and sports.

To help, My FootDr has put together our top 5 ways to start this school year on the right foot!

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How confident are you that you know your child’s true shoe size? *A survey of 2109 parents showed that 65% did not correctly identify their children’s shoe sizes when compared against accurate foot measurements for the kids. Moreover, kids were found to be wearing shoes up to two sizes too small


With 30% of our patients being children here at My FootDr, we often see the effects of shoes being too small, like claw toes, bunions and more. Today, we’re sharing what this statistic means, why parents get it wrong, and what you can do to measure your child’s shoe size accurately.


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