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Foot Guide for Waiting in Lines

If you, like thousands of Australians, are expected to queue around Apple Stores and phone outlets this morning for the new iPhone X, chances are your feet and legs may be in for a bit of pain.

We can’t make the queue go any quicker, but we can give you a few tips on how to avoid sore feet whilst waiting in line.

At My FootDr, we are all about feet! In fact, we recently conducted our Healthy Feet Survey that revealed 51% of people had foot pain after work from standing on their feet all day. Like standing in line for long periods of time. Ouch.

To help you and your feet get through the day, we’ve put together a few  tips for when standing in line:

1. Heel Pain: 48% of people have pain in their heel and arch. If you suffer from heel pain (plantar fasciitis), standing in line is only going to aggravate the condition and cause agony if no steps have been taken to help. Prepare. Seek help before your wait begins.

2. Socks: Socks to shoes are like butter to vegemite. A necessary combination. They keep your feet warm and prevent perspiration and foul-smelling odours in your shoes. Wear them with pride.

3. Wear shoes, barefoot avoidance: You must strictly avoid being barefoot for the most efficient recovery from heel pain. Save your feet for your Podiatrist. Wear shoes whilst standing!

4. Pick the right shoes: Make good choices. Too flat, too high, too cushioned or too hard shoes can aggravate heel pain and other foot conditions. Feet need support and comfort. Your Podiatrist can help you find the correct shoes.

5. Orthotics: Orthotics are shoe inserts designed to support the natural shape of the foot, improve posture and foot function in general. Orthotics support your feet and legs whenever weight bearing and improve weight distribution and posture.

6. Bring a friend: Need the toilet? Tap out. Need a bite to eat? Tap out. Are your heels beginning to hurt? Go take a seat and give your feet a well-deserved rest and do the same for your friend.

7. Visit your local Podiatrist: There is always going to be a new iPhone to buy, which means there will always be another line to stand in.

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