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Group of cyclists peddling

Group of cyclists peddlingCustom orthotics can help to reduce some of the common conditions cyclists experience.

Power To The Pedal

Every day, My FootDr podiatrists see cyclists who have endured injury and sustained foot and lower limb problems, many of which could be prevented. Correct shoes are the second most important piece of cycling equipment following a helmet, yet so many cyclists are not wearing the proper shoes to support their feet.

If feet aren’t stable or comfortable in their cycling shoes, then it is near impossible to achieve an efficient and powerful pedal. This can result in instability, cramping, numbness through to server biochemical problems.

Custom orthotics could be the solution to comfortable peddling and improved cycling performance.

Your local My FootDr podiatrist can assist cyclists by prescribing custom orthotics that are fitted to cycling shoes. Customised orthotics in conjunction with a biomechanical assessment can help to reduce some of the common cycling conditions.

Cyclist Common Foot Conditions:

Orthotics assist with correcting the foot in the shoe and redirect the pressure from the forefoot area. This can help to provide relief from these common conditions that cyclists experience, not to mention refining the pedalling technique allowing for optimal output when cycling.

If you’re looking to get more out of every pedal and ride in comfort, put your feet in the hands of your local My FootDr podiatrist.

Safe pedalling!

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