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My FootDr Fungal ToenailsSummer is just around the corner, and that means flaunting your feet at the beach, in your sandals at the park, or from the comfort of your air-conditioned lounge! While that sounds like a dream come true for some, others may feel less comfortable because of changes to the appearance of their toenails. Whether your nails have thickened, become yellow or have an infection, you don’t have to put up with it. Today, we’re sharing three ways that our podiatrists can help restore the appearance of your toenails to help you feel better on your feet.

1. Cosmetic Nail Restoration

Cosmetic nail restoration lets us completely change the appearance of your toenails in one appointment, leaving them with a smooth, whole and natural-looking finish. We use a system called Keryflex, which was named as one of the top ten innovations in podiatry care. It creates a durable and flexible nail over your existing nail, letting the nail below grow out in a safe environment. You’re free to use nail polish, polish remover and detergents without damaging the nail. It’s a perfect complement to antifungal laser treatment, and comes in three colours: natural, opaque and pastel.

To learn more about cosmetic nail restoration, click here.  



2. Laser Treatment For Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nail infections are frustrating and can be challenging to treat. They can cause your nails to thicken, develop spots or streaks, and become crumbly, brittle or discoloured. Laser treatment works by penetrating the nail and acting directly to damage and eliminate the fungus. We offer two types of lasers at different clinics – thermal laser and cold laser. Both types are safe, painless, and effective – showing significantly higher clearance rates in clinical studies compared to paints, creams and oral medication. 

While you’re having laser treatment, many patients opt to restore the appearance of their nails with cosmetic nail restoration, which also has an antifungal property, until the nail grows out healthy and clear. You can learn more about laser treatment for fungal nail infections here


3. Nail & Skin Care Appointment

If you’ve ever thought that skin and nail care appointments with a podiatrist were only for those in their golden years, you’ve been missing out! We work with women and men at all ages to help them maintain the health and appearance of their toenails. Our tools mean we can not only trim the thickest of nails, but we can also use a burr to reduce the thickness of your nails in one appointment. Using this same device, we can remove any superficial yellowing or discolouration, and remove any hard skin that has built up around and down the sides of the toenail. Any callus on the toes is also reduced – making this a comprehensive all-round skin and nail care service. 

While some women opt to go to the salon to have their nails painted after this appointment, others are happy to show-off their toenails exactly as they are. To learn more about our skin and nail care appointments, including the other things we can help with during this appointment like cracked heels, click here.


Ready to improve the appearance of your toenails?

With just a couple of months left before Christmas, now’s the perfect time to book in for your appointment. If you’re not sure where to start, book in and talk through what you’d like to achieve with your podiatrist – they’ll be able to answer any questions and make the best recommendations after being able to examine the changes to the nails.


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