My FootDr Fungal ToenailsSummer is just around the corner, and that means flaunting your feet at the beach, in your sandals at the park, or from the comfort of your air-conditioned lounge! While that sounds like a dream come true for some, others may feel less comfortable because of changes to the appearance of their toenails. Whether your nails have thickened, become yellow or have an infection, you don’t have to put up with it. Today, we’re sharing three ways that our podiatrists can help restore the appearance of your toenails to help you feel better on your feet.

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If you thought that trimming toenails, analysing your walking pattern or making you custom orthotics was all that we offer here at My FootDr – think again! Our innovative team offers a range of world-class and often unexpected services across Australia that go far beyond what many people perceive to be ‘normal’ podiatry. Today, we’re highlighting ten of our services that you probably never knew we can help you with. 

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Foot Bunions

As women, we expect great things from our feet. They need to fit into tight shoes, keep us comfortable in heels, take us from work to the gym to the park with the kids – all while looking good, feeling great and staying healthy. With any expectations, come the fears of what may go wrong with our feet.


As podiatrists, we regularly discuss these otherwise unspoken foot fears with women looking for solutions and prevention strategies. Today, we thought we’d share the top four fears we hear, as well as share the advice we give to help prevent these fears from coming to life.

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Fungal Nail

Onychomycosis is a word that has probably never been used in your household before. As the medical name for fungal nail infections, it might also not be something that gathers much airtime at the family dinner table either. However, while some people may feel embarrassed revealing such a foot condition, there really is nothing taboo about talking about toenails.  Read more