Fungal nail infections are a frustrating problem that leaves approximately one in ten Australians feeling disheartened every time they look down at their feet. While it’s easy to ignore the problem during the winter months while keeping our feet constantly wrapped up in shoes and socks, this beaming summer weather means that those fungal nails are now difficult to ignore.

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Fungal nail infections often get worse over time because the fungus grows and continues to ‘eat away’ at your nail. Your nails can become discoloured, thick, flaky and can crumble away. If you’re concerned about a fungal toenail infection, we recommend nipping it in the bud as soon as possible before things get worse.

Here’s a timeline for you to see what infections can look like, and what is happening at each stage:


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Fungal Nail

Onychomycosis is a word that has probably never been used in your household before. As the medical name for fungal nail infections, it might also not be something that gathers much airtime at the family dinner table either. However, while some people may feel embarrassed revealing such a foot condition, there really is nothing taboo about talking about toenails.  Read more