Fungal Nail Treatment Perth

Fungal Nail Treatment PerthAt our My FootDr Currambine, West Perth, Emerald Lakes, Camberwell and Wembley podiatry clinics, our podiatrists effectively, safely and painlessly treat fungal nail infections using the innovative Lunula Cold Laser treatment. More than just treating the infection, we also have a strong focus on preventing re-infection, so your nail does not quickly become reinfected from the fungal spores currently present on your shoes and socks, or even your shower at home.

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Fungal Nail

Onychomycosis is a word that has probably never been used in your household before. As the medical name for fungal nail infections, it might also not be something that gathers much airtime at the family dinner table either. However, while some people may feel embarrassed revealing such a foot condition, there really is nothing taboo about talking about toenails.  Read more