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Fungal Nail Laser Therapy Results

Are you the one in ten Australians who has a fungal nail infection (onychomycosis)? You can treat nail fungus easily with the Lunula Cold Laser.  The latest in cold laser technology, this service is a painless, fast and highly effective treatment for fungal nail infections.

How does the Lunula Cold Laser work?

The Lunula Low-Level Cold Laser uses two specific low-powered laser beams simultaneously to help destroy the fungus infecting your toenails and present in the nail bed and surrounding skin. It’s painless, safe and effective.

Specifically, the two laser beams used in the Lunula Cold Laser are:

  • Blue (405nm). This laser acts specifically and directly upon the fungal cells and causes changes in the outer wall, weakening it significantly, and allowing the body’s immune system to attack and destroy it.
  • Red (635nm). This wavelength acts on the body’s natural immune cells – strengthening them, making them more active and able to kill the weakened fungus. In addition, the red light improves blood flow, bringing nutrients and additional immune cells to the affected area which speeds up the treatment process.



Assessment & Treatment of Fungal Nails

During a fungal nail assessment, your My FootDr Podiatrist will:

  1. Diagnose what is causing your damaged nails and what benefits we can expect to get from cold laser treatment
  2. Explain the best self-management tips to help you achieve healthier-looking nails
  3. Help you to leave the session knowing exactly what to do to finally get healthy, clear nails

What to expect during your Lunula Cold Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

  1. The nails will be photographed and prepared (trimmed, nail thickness reduced if required)
  2. The treatment lasts 12 minutes per foot
  3. During the treatment, you will feel no pain
  4. The lasers are not harmful to you in any way, as the machine uses very low power settings
  5. The treatment will be repeated at weekly intervals. The number of treatments required will depend upon the severity of the infection
  6. You will not need to apply any topical paints to your nails during treatment, nor take any potentially harmful oral medication
  7. You will need to follow strict foot hygiene protocols to prevent re-infection. We will run through all of this during the consultation

The Lunula Cold Laser is available at My FootDr Currambine, My FootDr West Perth and My FootDr Devonport.