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At My FootDr, we believe that healthy feet can lead to a better quality of life. That’s why our team of highly-qualified podiatrists have been helping our patients improve how they live by providing world-class foot care treatment.

We’re proud to have introduced the Lunula laser fungal nail treatment technology to Perth and continue to remain up to date with the latest technology. While we specialise in laser nail treatments for nail fungus, nail surgery for ingrown toenails, and orthotic treatments, we offer treatment and solutions for a full range of foot and leg pain, sports podiatry, as well as skin and nail problems of the feet.

6 reasons why choose My FootDr to treat your toenail fungus:

Not all Fungal Nail Laser Clinics are the same, so careful research is required to find the best option for you. Patients regularly ask us why choose MyFootDr for laser treatment of fungal nails?

Here’s why:

  1. We are Perth’s first podiatry clinics specialising in the laser treatment of nail fungus. Since 2013 we have carefully treated thousands of cases without a single complication.
  2. Advanced Technology – Unlike other clinics, we utilise two very different lasers. The Fox Class 4 Yag Laser, which is a powerful thermal laser and, the Lunula Class 2 dual diode cold laser– a zero pain treatment that utilises two lasers simultaneously.
  3. We have extensive knowledge of the organisms that cause nail issues and the many conditions that look like fungus but are not.
  4. We offer affordable rates with private health rebates available
  5. Friendly highly qualified staff
  6. Four convenient location across Perth where you can access this world-class service

How we can help you and your family:

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