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Fungal Nail Treatment Perth

Fungal Nail Treatment PerthAt our My FootDr Currambine, West Perth, Emerald Lakes, Camberwell and Wembley podiatry clinics, our podiatrists effectively, safely and painlessly treat fungal nail infections using the innovative Lunula Cold Laser treatment. More than just treating the infection, we also have a strong focus on preventing re-infection, so your nail does not quickly become reinfected from the fungal spores currently present on your shoes and socks, or even your shower at home.

Your appointment starts with taking the time to examine the overall condition of your toenails and grade the extent of the infection using our proprietary evidence-based assessment. This involves carefully discerning a fungal nail infection from other problems that cause changes or discolouration to the toenails like psoriasis. You may also have other conditions affecting the nails of feet like Athlete’s foot that occur simultaneously – in these cases, we will tailor your treatment approach to address all the problems and give you the best results.

After your assessment, we will discuss with you all the available treatment options and help you choose the best one for your feet. Our treatments aim to help both kill the infecting fungus and improve the overall appearance of your nails


What Is Cold Laser Treatment And What Makes It Unique?

The Lunula laser treatment is unique in that in our years of podiatry practice, it has shown some of the best results in managing fungal nail infections with no side effects.

It is a pain-free treatment that is proven to be safe and effective. The laser is externally applied and requires no anaesthesia. You don’t need to take any medication or to apply any lacquers to your toenails. The Lunula laser treatment uses two lasers set at different frequencies to treat the infection both at the surface and deep within the nail, nail bed and surrounding skin. It also stimulates the body to help clear the infection as well as destroying the living fungus.


How Does It Compare To Thermal Lasers?

Thermal (hot) lasers are also widely used in our other locations, also with great success. The added benefits of the Lunula cold laser treatment is that it is completed without any heat or manual input once the device is activated, and can help with severe infections deep within the nail, and nails that are very thick.


Who Carries Out The Treatment?

The cold laser treatment process is completed by our podiatrists who make the preliminary diagnosis, prepare the nails and take your initial photography. They will also explain the benefits of cold laser treatment and will give you self-management tips in taking care of your nails and helping prevent re-infection. As for the treatment itself, this is completed automatically by the device using very specific settings and is supervised by your podiatrist.


Is The Fungal Nail Laser Treatment Covered By Health Insurance?

As health insurance policies vary between different companies, please check with your health insurance provider. At the time of treatment, you are required to pay in full. We usually recommend four treatments to our patients. To reimburse the payment from your private health fund, kindly take note of these item numbers:

  • F004 – Initial Consultation
  • F476 – Laser Treatment


What Are The Signs Of Infection From Toenail Fungus?

Nails that are discoloured yellow or white, thickened, brittle, crumbly or have a damaged appearance are signs of a fungal infection. The presence of Athlete’s foot is also often associated with toenail fungus. 

Nail clippings can be taken to be cultured if you are unsure about whether the changes in your nail are from a fungal nail infection or another condition you have. Your social and sports activities together with your medical history will all be considered too.


Is It Possible For A Fungal Nail Infection To Return?

Yes. Nails or feet that are exposed to fungi can be infected again – much like how you can sprain your ankle multiple times if you expose it to high forces on the ligaments. This is why we always consider the after-care of our patients. We provide post-treatment management tips on how to prevent re-infection. We advise patients to maintain proper hygiene and to always wear enclosed footwear in wet areas. We also offer a line of products that can be used to prevent the infection from coming back.


Will The Treatment Hurt?

The Lunula cold laser treatment is 100% pain-free. There is no need for anaesthesia during the treatment.


Will There Be A Recovery Period?

There is no recovery period after the treatment. You can immediately go back to your normal everyday activities.


 Can The Treatment Be Applied To Fingernails As Well?

Yes, the Lunula Cold Laser Treatment can be done on fingernails with fungal infection with similar results.


How Long Is The Consultation?

The consultation takes around 30 minutes and if required, your treatment will be done at the appointment.


When Will I Start With The Laser Treatment?

You are not required to undergo the treatment unless your podiatrist determines that it would be beneficial for you and be in your best interest. In this case, you have the option to begin the treatment immediately after the consultation, or have it on another scheduled appointment.


What Else Should I Know About The Lunula Low-Level Cold Laser Treatment?

Cold laser is a 100% pain-free laser that is safe and has no side effects. The laser system is computer-controlled to rotate evenly using the combination of two low-powered lasers on the nails, nail beds, and surrounding skin. A blue laser beam acts directly upon the fungal cells to weaken them, and a red laser beam affects the body’s natural immune system to strengthen it. A minimum of four treatments (each only 12-minutes long per foot) is recommended on a weekly or fortnightly basis, though this may still vary depending on how serious your specific infection is.


What Should You Bring To Your Appointment?

Please bring along a clean pair of socks to wear following the treatment. We will sterilise one pair of shoes at the consultation, and other pairs can be sterilised in our machine. Please bring these along with you. No nail polish should be worn to your appointment.