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My FootDr Summer Foot Care TipsSummer is here and it’s time to bring on the Aussie thong and open-toed shoes! With temperatures soaring, it’s time to flip-flop our way through to February.

But as we head into the festive season, things won’t be so pleasant for people suffering from foot problems.

What are the common foot conditions in summer?

Here are four common conditions people present with throughout warmer months:

The good news is most common foot conditions are preventable and easily treatable if identified early.

Fungal Nail PodiatristFungal nails: At this time of year, feet can become sweatier and smellier in enclosed shoes – and this can lead to fungal nail infections. It is important to let your feet to breathe without shoes and socks.
Learn more about the common causes of fungal nails. 

Bunions: Unfortunately, once a bunion has developed it cannot be removed without surgery, making footwear uncomfortable and going barefoot unbearable. However, bunions can be prevented from further development.
Learn more about preventing bunions.

Dry skin: Dry and rough skin can leave your heels cracked and unsightly – a common result of frequent heel exposure and warmer air. To avoid dry skin, continue to occasionally wear enclosed shoes and keep hydrated to moisturise your body.

Heel pain: With summer encouraging us to explore the great outdoors, we find ourselves more physically active resulting in our feet absorbing additional pressure. Even walking or simple tasks like standing can leave feet sore and aching.

If you experience any of these conditions, book an appointment with our Podiatrists to make sure you’re feet remain healthy.

Tips for healthy feet this summer

– Did you know My FootDr can treat fungal nail? Our laser treatment has an 80% success rate to safely remove the infection.

– Book your biomechanical assessment to ensure you have appropriate footwear and orthotic support.