If you thought that trimming toenails, analysing your walking pattern or making you custom orthotics was all that we offer here at My FootDr – think again! Our innovative team offers a range of world-class and often unexpected services across Australia that go far beyond what many people perceive to be ‘normal’ podiatry. Today, we’re highlighting ten of our services that you probably never knew we can help you with. 

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Runner tying shoe laces

Runner tying shoe lacesAttention runners! Whether you’re just starting your first 5K or have completed a few ultra-marathons already, you’re at risk of getting held back by pain and injury. We see hundreds of runners in our clinics across Australia every week.

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Are you wearing the right size shoes?

At My FootDr we commonly see patients who have perfectly healthy feet but have issues that begin with wearing incorrect footwear. If your shoes make your feet hurt an hour into the day or you’re covering your feet with Band-Aids to protect you against rubbing shoes – it’s time to re-think your footwear.  Read more