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Are you wearing the right size shoes?

At My FootDr we commonly see patients who have perfectly healthy feet but have issues that begin with wearing incorrect footwear. If your shoes make your feet hurt an hour into the day or you’re covering your feet with Band-Aids to protect you against rubbing shoes – it’s time to re-think your footwear. 

As previously mentioned in our “Are you wearing the right size shoes?” blog, it is important to regularly have your feet professionally measured and checked to avoid complications from poor fitting footwear such as bunions and ingrown toenails.

When choosing the shoe, there are different features of the shoe which can contribute to the shoe being the right fit for your feet.

Shoe features to help you get the perfect fit:

1. Toe box: A good fitting shoe should offer enough space at the toe box, but your feet should not be slipping out of the shoes.

2. Width: If the shoes you are currently wearing bulge at the sides or you experience pain as a result of a foot condition such as bunions, your shoes are too narrow. If your feet are slipping out of your shoe when walking, your shoes are too wide for your feet.

3. Vamp: You should not see dent marks left on your skin when taking off your shoes; this is a sign a pair of shoes is too small.

4. Heel Counter: Your heel should not rub against the heel counter nor should it slip out when walking.

5. Depth: Shopping in locations which offer extra depth is great for people who require custom orthotics or suffer from medical conditions which can cause swelling such as diabetes.

6. Length: A foot gauge is the best tool for measuring the length of your feet by a footwear professional. Most people have one foot half a size larger than their other foot; always fit the larger foot.

At our My FootDr podiatry and footwear locations, we offer a range of podiatry approved footwear from well-known brands including Ziera, Revere, Vionic and New Balance. We offer a large variety of styles to accommodate different foot shapes and different tastes. As the leading professionals in the podiatry industry, we understand that everybody’s feet are different; the right fit for one person can be completely wrong for someone else.

Visit your closest location for a foot check, professional sizing or to simply shop our great range of shoes.