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My FootDr Podiatry Professional Foot Measuring

We all know children’s feet are growing all the time and need to be measured regularly, but did you know that our feet can change during adulthood too?  Although changes may be small, it can make a big difference to the fit of your shoes.

Wearing the wrong size shoes can cause heel pain, blistering and leave you feeling sore even after short periods of time on your feet.

The My FootDr 2017 Healthy Feet Survey revealed that only 11 per cent of respondents had their feet professionally measured in the past 12 months.

 My FootDr’s tips for finding the right shoe size:

  1. Professionally measured: Visit a podiatrist or experienced retail assistant who can measure your feet using the correct equipment. A My FootDr staff member will not only measure length but also take width and foot conditions into consideration when fitting your shoes.
  2. Afternoon shopping: Shop for shoes in the afternoon. Your foot expands with use throughout the day.
  3. Size varies: Sizing can vary between manufacturers, expect size variations for different brands and shoe styles.
  4. Running shoes: We recommend going half a size up from your normal shoe size for running/active shoes.
  5. Pregnancy: The length and arches of the women’s feet change during and after pregnancy due to weight fluctuations and increased stress on the feet.
  6. Weight change: Did you know your shoe size can change as often as your dress size? If your weight fluctuates, chances are your foot size will too.
  7. Children’s feet: Children should be getting their feet measured every 3-4 months or when purchasing a new pair of shoes. Children’s feet continue to develop until age 18 and incorrect fitting shoes can impact foot development.

Next time you’re shoe shopping, pay attention to your foot size and ensure your feet are comfortable and secure in the shoes you are wearing.

If you haven’t had your feet sized in the last 12-18 months, visit your local My FootDr where our podiatrists and retail assistants can measure your feet correctly and offer recommendations on shoes that are suited to your feet.