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Mother's day ideas

While we may never truly know the extent of how our mothers care for us, we do know how much time they spend on their feet – all day! So for mum, it’s important to be able to walk comfortably and stay pain-free on her feet – and that’s where we can help. With Mother’s Day fast approaching next month on May 9th, we’ve shared five ways that you can help your mum feel great and look great on her feet.

1. Comfortable & Stylish Footwear

We have a large range of shoes for mum to suit every occasion – work, events, running errands – even to keep feet feeling comfortable and supported inside the home. These shoes are designed with various features that promote foot health and comfort, support the arches, improve stability, better distribute pressure at the heel and forefoot, have removable footbeds for our custom foot orthotics, and more.

Many My FootDr clinics also contain a retail store for footwear with trained shoe consultants and podiatrists to help you find the best shoes for your feet. We stock top brands such as Ziera, Revere, New Balance, Merrell, Saucony, Vioniv, Naot, Anodyne, Birkenstock, Propet and more. Just call your local My FootDr centre to confirm that they have a retail store, and if not, shop our range online.

For suggestions on the best shoes for busy mums, click here.

2. Cosmetic Nail Restoration

If mum isn’t feeling happy with the look of her toenails, we can restore them for her in one appointment using the KeryFlex nail restoration system. Whether her nails have become discoloured, the appearance has changed due to a fungal infection or damage, or she wants them to look great without having a rigid, artificial nail put on, this treatment can help her feet look and feel great.

Mum can choose from a natural, opaque or pastel colour, and she can paint over it, use acetone and detergents without any damage to the nails. Her new nails will be breathable, look and feel natural, have anti-fungal properties, and allow her natural nails to keep growing beneath without any damage or adverse effects.

Read our KeryFlex FAQ’s here

3. Skin & Nail Care

When callus builds up on the feet, corns form, or toenails thicken or become distorted, it can become painful for mum to walk and difficult to wear shoes comfortably. This is all taken care of in our skin and nail care appointments. Mum will leave feeling immediate relief from painful corns, callus and cracked heels when she puts her feet down. We can also discuss any concerns that she may have and give her advice on how to best care for her feet and manage any foot or leg problems that she is experiencing.

The beauty of your skin and nail care with our team is that it is performed by nationally registered podiatrists and using the highest hygiene and safety processes, putting her well-being first.

4. Custom Foot Orthotics

When you’re on your feet all day every day, staying comfortable can make a big difference to your quality of life. This is where our custom foot orthotics can help. While we often use custom foot orthotics to help our patients recover from injuries and foot pain, we can also use them to significantly improve comfort and stability on the feet.

Made uniquely for mum’s feet using a custom 3D foot scan and a tailored prescription by her podiatrist, these orthotics are designed to fit perfectly to her feet and shoes. This way, she can have all the benefits and comfort without anyone knowing she’s wearing her orthotics. Her orthotics can also help prevent injury by giving her feet the support where it’s needed.

To learn more about our foot orthotics and how they’re made, click here.

5. Laser For Fungal Nails

With packed schedules that keep mum busy, we see many mums who have been meaning to have their fungal toenails treated effectively but haven’t had the time. Some have tried treating their nail fungus with a nail cream or lacquer previously without success, so have put the task on the backburner after feeling discouraged.

We’re proud to offer laser treatment for fungal nail infections, which is proven in studies to be significantly more effective in treating the fungus than nail paints or oral medications. We have both hot and cold laser options available, and treatment sessions are quick and painless. Alongside your care, our podiatrists will guide you through how to eliminate fungal spores from your home environment, and prevent re-infection in the future.

Fungal nail infections progressively worsen – so now is always the best time to start treatment. To see how fungal nail infections progress, see this timeline.

Ready To Treat Mum And Her Feet?

We’d love to help. We have gift vouchers available for our shoe range, and if mum has private health insurance podiatry cover, she can immediately claim her rebate for our podiatry services at her appointment. You can also book her appointment for her online, or by calling us on 1800 FOOT DR.