Mother's day ideas

While we may never truly know the extent of how our mothers care for us, we do know how much time they spend on their feet – all day! So for mum, it’s important to be able to walk comfortably and stay pain-free on her feet – and that’s where we can help. With Mother’s Day fast approaching next month on May 9th, we’ve shared five ways that you can help your mum feel great and look great on her feet.

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You’re up early on your feet, making breakfast and packing lunches. You’re always running around, picking up toys and walking their dog. When everything is said and done – you’re their hero, and here at My FootDr, you’re ours too, mum!

While having a little one to care for seems to amplify physical activity ten-fold for mums and dads alike, differences in our bodies can make women more vulnerable to developing a number of pains and problems. Today, we’re sharing four common foot problems we see in mums, why they occur more frequently, and what can be done to help.

If you have barely enough time to sit down, let alone read this article, scroll down to the TLDR (too long, didn’t read) sections at the bottom of every foot problem for a quick summary.


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