Are you ready to take centre stage and embrace the beauty and rhythm of dance? Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a beginner finding your groove, dance is a captivating art form that brings joy, expression, and a sense of accomplishment. Foot health can make a world of difference to your freedom on the dance floor. So put on your dancing shoes, get ready to twirl, and let’s make your dance journey spectacular! Read more

Your calf muscles play a crucial role every time you walk, run and jump. Without healthy calf muscle function, you remain more vulnerable to lower limb fatigue and overuse injuries. During COVID-19, My FootDr has remained committed to helping our patients achieve their goals whether it be optimal health outcomes or improved performance. When it comes to calf injuries, or any injuries where the calf muscles have contributed to the problem, one of the ways that we have been helping is via telehealth appointments. Today, we’re giving you an insight into the efficacy of telehealth appointments to aid in the management of lower limb injuries – and how you’re able to access these services with our team.

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