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My FootDr Valentine's Day - Love Your Feet

Valentine's Day - Love Your FeetWhen was the last time you gave your feet some love? This Valentine’s Day we’re reminding all women and men to love your feet!

All feet are beautiful and all feet need to be looked after. Below are our top tips for looking after your feet:

1) Don’t put up with nail fungus

Toe nail fungus effects 10% of the population. People with nail fungus will notice their normally healthy, pink toe nails will appear yellow, brown or mottled. The toe nail can change texture, becoming thick, brittle and prone to developing painful splits. There might also be a bad odour. Say goodbye to nail fungus with our laser treatment. Only 2-3 treatments are typically required and 83% of patients report clear, healthy nail growth at 3 months with laser treatment.

2) Treat your feet to a warm Paraffin Wax Bath treatment:

A wax bath treatment is the ultimate foot care experience for tired, sore feet, and has the following benefits:

  • Cleanses and opens the pores of the skin.
  • Softens hard, cracked skin around the heels, enabling easy, painless removal by your podiatrist.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Greatly improves the appearance of your feet, especially if you love wearing sandals.
  • Is a relaxing experience.
  • Provides Pain relief by gently warming the joints especially if you have arthritis.

3) Walk without pain

One of the most common foot problems is plantar fasciitis. This condition causes pain in the heel or pain in the arch often indicates inflammation of the long band of tissue under the foot (the plantar fascia). It can cause sharp pain and discomfort in either the mid arch region or at the inside heel, and less commonly the outside heel. If you have pain in your heel book an appointment with your podiatrist to discuss treatment options.

4) Find the perfect fit

Improper fitting footwear can cause a range of problems for your feet, so it’s important you wear comfortable and correctly fitted shoes to ensure good foot health. However, finding comfortable, supportive and fashion forward shoes is not always an easy task. We’ve taken out the guess work and sourced a range of highly quality footwear that not only looks after your feet, but looks great too. Explore the range online from our partners at

Love your feet this Valentine’s Day and make an appointment with your local my FootDr Podiatrist.