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Great work on entering the Weet-Bix TRYathlon! It’s going to be a great day and a lot of fun.

To help you make the most of the day and the journey, the My FootDr team have put together our top tips to help you feel great before and after the event.

Before the TRYathlon

1. Choose three different types of ground to run on

E.g. a concrete footpath, grass, sand, astroturf

Different grounds creates different challenges. Some surfaces like sand are trickier to run on and make your legs work harder. Others like astroturf are bouncier and easier to run on. Try going on practice runs on three different types of ground to help you get ready!

2. Warm-up every time!

When you give your arms and legs a good stretch and warm-up, you get your blood moving through your body, which helps your body move and feel better. It can also improve your balance and coordination. Warm-ups should include both stretches and moving your arms and legs quickly – like in running or star-jumps.

Children Podiatry3. Choose three very different songs to run to when you’re training

Pick three different songs with different beats, and try to match the pace of the songs when you run! This can help improve your fitness – and be fun, too! Some of our favourites are:

  • Uptown funk – Mark Ronson + Bruno Mars
  • Shake it off – Taylor Swift
  • Electric feel – MGMT

4. Look at your feet when after your run – are there any blisters, red spots or sore areas?

If you’re getting any pain when you’re getting ready for the TRYathlon, let your parents know. Getting it fixed early means you can stop them from hurting on race day. This is where your My FootDr podiatrist can help – their focus is on helping your feet and legs feel great.

5. Get plenty of sleep!

We know the TRYathlon is exciting, but remember that your feet and legs need plenty of rest to feel their best on race day and recover from the training you’re doing. Get plenty of sleep and rest in the week before the TRYathlon and wake up on the day feeling great!

After the TRYathlon

1. Keep warm

Staying warm after you finish the triathlon helps your heart rate slowly and carefully return to normal, helps prevent some swelling in the legs, can help prevent you from feeling dizzy, and helps reduce your chance of becoming unwell.

2. Keep moving

As tempting as it is to lie down on the ground and not get up after you finish, keep moving! It’ll help keep the blood moving around your body, which is exactly what your body needs after you’ve been using your muscles hard! Give your muscles a good, long stretch and keep walking – even on the spot if you have to!

3. Have some water and a snack

Having something to eat after exercising will help you replace the energy you used and helps your muscles recover so you can grow stronger. Muesli bars, nuts, and foods with carbohydrates and proteins are a great start. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to help you rehydrate, too.

4. Change out of any wet shoes, socks or clothes

Not only can we start feeling very cold when we’re in wet clothes, but staying in wet shoes and socks makes us much more likely to get blisters or give us a rash if they rub against our skin. Make sure you bring dry, warm clothes – including a second pair of shoes – to change into afterwards.

5. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

Children's Podiatry

You did it! Don’t forget to celebrate that you’ve just done something fantastic for your health and your body. Take a deep breath, look at everything around you, and congratulate the person next to you on completing the TRYathlon, too.

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