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What Google can’t tell you about your running style

Whether you are an avid long-distance runner or even a two-to-three time a week recreational runner, chances are you have probably Googled ways to get the best out of your body.

There are countless readily-available information sources on fine-tuning and enhancing your running style. An overwhelming amount of marketing dollars are also spent directing us towards the latest shoes that improve comfort and performance.  Continue reading What Google can’t tell you about your running style

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Run towards the perfect shoe

Running + Fitness

Running + FitnessHealthy feet make for healthy runners. Finding the perfect running shoes can be the difference between winning the marathon or limping behind. When we run, the last thing we want to think about is whether our shoes will leave us blistered and sore.

Poorly fitting running shoes can make existing foot symptoms worse, or create new problems.  It is important to identify the perfect running shoes for the fit, feel and function of your feet.

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Rockhampton podiatry groups come together as one

My FootDr Rockhampton
My Foot Dr’s Sharnee Pakieppa, Cameron Chaplin, Samantha Conroy, Aaron Carey and Il hwan Oh.

Rockhampton’s CQ Foot Clinic and Balance Podiatry has strengthened its leading foot care offering and undertaken an exciting partnership joining national podiatry group My FootDr podiatry centres.

The centre in North Rockhampton is now called My FootDr Rockhampton, joining 19 clinics in Queensland and 30 nationally as part of Australia’s largest podiatry network, which has provided foot care services since 2004. Continue reading Rockhampton podiatry groups come together as one

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Spring into action the right way

As we head into the warmer months, our climate makes it even more enticing and rewarding to step outside when exercising.

However, before dusting off the running shoes, think about the impact changes to your fitness regime may have on your feet – or you may end up sidelined. Continue reading Spring into action the right way

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Finding the right fit

Find fitDo you struggle to find shoes that fit your feet? Are you still waiting for that Cinderella moment?

Everybody’s feet are different; the right fit for one person can be completely wrong for someone else. When buying shoes, you need the correct footwear for the task and footwear that is correct for your feet.

Continue reading Finding the right fit

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You are only as old as your feet feel

Some pretty colourful shoes were warn throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s – but we now know a lot more about feet than we ever did! So how has our lifestyle choices from the last half-century impacted on foot health?  

With Senior’s Week underway in Queensland this week (August 19 – 27), let’s take a look at the biggest foot problems that elderly Australians face today.  

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Put your best foot forward in the finals!

Cairns Netball teamNetball finals are just around the corner and athletes will be pushing their bodies to breaking point, striving to come home as strongly as possible. It’s the tail end of the season when bodies are tired, and this is a common time for netball injuries to happen.

There are two main categories of injuries that can occur – acute and chronic. Chronic injuries come about over a long period of time and are in broad terms “wear and tear” or repetitive type conditions. Continue reading Put your best foot forward in the finals!

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As we age, it’s better to be shoe safe than sorry

Falls Prevention Footwear

Falls Prevention FootwearWe all buy shoes straight off the shelf, yet our feet are all different shapes and sizes. So how do you know if your shoe is right for you, particularly as you get older when you are at a higher risk of a fall-related injury?

According to our 2017 Healthy Feet Survey, 89 per cent of Australians haven’t had their foot professionally measured in the past 12 months, meaning they may not be wearing appropriate footwear for their feet. Continue reading As we age, it’s better to be shoe safe than sorry

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Preventing falls lands on foot health

Podiatry Falls PreventionDid you know that more than 260 people aged 65 and over were hospitalised for a fall-related injury every day in 2016? Don’t let it be you or someone you care about.

As Senior’s Week (Qld) approaches later this month (August 19 – 27), we want to help educate Australians around the importance of preventing falls among our community’s most vulnerable. Continue reading Preventing falls lands on foot health

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Living with chronic pain isn’t easy: National Pain Week

National Pain Week 2017

National Pain Week 2017Anyone who lives with chronic or persistent pain knows that it can have a major impact on our ability to enjoy a normal lifestyle. Suffering pain can often also lead to feelings of isolation, however you are not alone.

Too many Australians live with pain and this week we are encouraging people to do something about it as part of National Pain Week (July 24 – 30). Continue reading Living with chronic pain isn’t easy: National Pain Week