Urea for cracked heels: the wonder cream

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer! The warmer weather means we’re swapping our boots and slippers for sandals and open-toed shoes., and whilst nothing beats squishing the sand between your toes on a hot summer’s day, the impending warm weather can leave some of us worried about our cracked heels!

Smooth, healthy feet look and feel good. Cracked, dry skin on your feet, especially along your heels, is not only unattractive but can also be painful or itchy. Sometimes feet can become flaky and callused to the point that wearing sandals is out of the question, which could be keeping you uncomfortable in the summertime. Though it’s usually simple to treat dry or cracked heels at home, if the condition becomes severe enough, it warrants a visit to a podiatrist.

When to See the Podiatrist

You can usually treat your cracked heels at home, but some situations call for a podiatrist’s care. Elderly people who develop severe cracks should seek medical attention to prevent ulcers or bedsores from forming. We recommend that you see your podiatrist or doctor if your heels crack and: you are diabetic, have impaired circulation or an autoimmune disorder, or suffer from skin conditions. If you are in good health but home treatment does not heal the cracks or your feet bleed, make an appointment with a foot specialist.

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Healthy Feet Survey reveals Australia’s hidden foot problem

In 2017 we released our inaugural Healthy Feet Survey to help bridge the information gap on foot health through examining how Australians look after their feet and lift the lid on some of the fundamental awareness issues with podiatry as a health service.

Commissioned and published by Australia’s largest podiatry groups My FootDr and Balance Podiatry, the report reveals modern lifestyle demands and ignorance are two major factors impacting on foot health.

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The Statistics – Injuries in NRL vs AFL

It’s that time of year again footy fans — finals week! As we gear up once again for what looks to be another huge September showdown in the NRL and AFL codes, the team at My FootDr are tackling the hard-hitting injuries and risk factors surrounding both gruelling codes. With AFL and NRL being two of the most dominant and physically demanding sports played in our country, there is little wonder as to why we see such a large number of injuries at both the professional and junior levels. Read more

Do kids need to see a Podiatrist?

It’s often that I find myself in social encounters answering that question, among the broader queries of, ‘what does a podiatrist do?’ The explanation generally opens up a discussion about the person’s feet, a previous injury, a new bump or lump, what shoes are appropriate for certain activities, and whether or not they should bring their kids in for a foot check-up.
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Women’s Health Week – Let’s Talk Women’s Health

When it comes to health, many women are great at caring for others but often put themselves last. To celebrate this year’s Women’s Health Week, 3-7 September, we will be hosting a number of free health information seminars encouraging women to put their own health and feet first.

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