Best shoes for busy mums

Whether you’re a new parent or a mum of four, looking after your little ones can mean being on your feet all day, every day. You need shoes that are comfortable, practical and supportive, yet look great and do a very important job: help prevent foot pain from developing.

Here are My FootDr’s 2021 top picks for busy mothers and why.

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postpartum exercise If you’ve recently had a baby, then we want to start by saying a massive congratulations! Your body does incredible things during pregnancy – and that’s just before baby arrives! Whether you knew it, or not:

  • Your blood volume increased – by up to 50% – to help supply enough oxygen to your growing baby
  • Your heart may have grown by up to 12% to accommodate the extra blood and get it pumping to your body and baby
  • Aside from growing a baby, you also grew a new organ! Your placenta was formed to provide your baby with the nutrients and oxygen they needed
  • Your uterus expanded more than 500 times its normal size!

With your little one here, you may be wondering when you can throw on your running shoes again – and what your body can handle. To help, we’ve put together a guide on what you can expect when it comes to getting back into exercise in your first three months.

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Foot pain is frustrating. Foot pain with a new baby to care for can seem hopeless. Unfortunately, many mums are vulnerable to foot pain throughout their pregnancy due to the increased stress on their bodies, combined with a surge of ligament-relaxing hormones.

We see and treat many new mums who put off their appointment for months because they don’t have the time or energy to come in (plus a part of them was hoping the pain would get better on its own!). If this sounds like you and you haven’t made it in to see your podiatrist yet, we’ve put together some easy and gentle foot and leg exercises that you can complete at home while looking after your little one. 

No equipment needed and nothing strenuous – just simple movements to get the limbs moving, slowly improve flexibility and strength, and get the blood pumping to assist your body’s repair process. This way, when you do make it in to see us, you’ll already be one step ahead on your road to recovery.

To learn more about how pregnancy affects your feet and legs, click here.

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