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Feet Relax in Summer

Relax in SummerThe warm days of summer are almost upon us. As we break out the summer wardrobe and footwear here is some foot care advice for the summer months.

The Facts On Thongs

While thongs or flip flops are part of our Australian fashion culture and convenient to wear, they put people at risk of developing foot problems.  Thongs don’t have the necessary support as our everyday shoes, as a flat piece of rubber or leather does not provide enough support in the arch area of the foot.  If they are worn for a prolonged period, they can cause severe arch pain or pain on the ball of the foot and offer no stability, causing the foot to move while walking.

Thongs do protect the foot from the hot sand at the beach, or prevent the spread of athlete’s foot at the pool,  so use them sparingly to keep or alternatively wear mySandal to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Prevent Fungal Infections

If you have prone to sweaty feet or smelly feet, you may be more prone to fungal infections. In the warm, summer months, take more time to expose your feet, without socks, to the air more often, especially if you wear shoes and socks all day. Beware of communal showers at swimming pools as foot fungus and warts can be easily acquired in these areas. If you already have a fungal toe nail infection, KeryFlex maybe the best treatment for you to get your feet looking wonderful again.

Foot Injuries

Going barefoot in the summer is only natural and has some benefits for short periods of time, but is not recommended for outside the home. Too often, injuries occur from punctures or cuts.  Always wear covered footwear outside the home or at work. If engaging in water activities, such as canoeing or kayaking, try to wear water shoes or sandals to protect your feet along rocky shorelines or river beds. If an injury as occurred, contact your podiatrist or doctor immediately.

If you are a diabetic, shoes should be worn at ALL  times to avoid injury. Even the slightest cut can be cause for alarm among people with diabetes where healing can be difficult and can eventually lead to limb amputation if not treated in time.

Heel Care

During the summer, the skin on the bottom of your feet is prone to dryness and cracking due to excessive sweating. In extreme cases, your feet can bleed or become infected. Use a pumice stone on your heels every day in the shower or bath. Apply moisturiser to the heels twice a day. If an over the counter cream doesn’t help, talk to your podiatrist about a prescription product or one of our warm paraffin wax baths.

Apply Sunscreen

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet and toes. If your feet are exposed, they will get burned and are prone to skin cancer.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer and above all, keep those feet happy and healthy!

2 responses to “Summer Foot Care Tips”

  1. Deedee Lewis says:

    I hadn’t thought about applying sunscreen to the top of my feet before. Every now and then I get a sun burn but it’s usually on my shoulders so I don’t usually think about taking care of my feet. During the summer they do get exposed to harsh environments so it makes sense to apply sunscreen on your feet, as well.

  2. I like what this article mentions about heel care. It makes sense that a lot of the problems that people have with their heels come from bad skin care. I’ll have to make sure my wife and I take proper care of the skin on out heels, especially while our son is having problems walking due to his heel problems.