Running Outside vs. Treadmill Running

Running Outside vs. Treadmill RunningThe gym is closed and now that you can’t hit the treadmill, you’re planning on hitting the road. Running outside certainly has some great advantages – fresh air, time to yourself and a change in terrain. For those of you who do the majority of your runs on a treadmill, however, starting to run outside may feel a little daunting to start with. Here are some tips and things to stay mindful of when preparing for more outdoor running. 

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When was the last time you thought about the way you walked? 

Chances are that you’ve been doing it on autopilot for so long that your habits, patterns and techniques are deeply ingrained. Unfortunately, this doesn’t factor in the changes that our bodies, specifically our feet, undergo over the years. From thinning fat pads (that cushion our steps) to fragile or stiff bones, our walking technique (“gait pattern”) can either help keep us going comfortably for many years to come – or leave us in pain and needing help.

Today, we’re sharing four small changes you can make to your gait today to help you move more efficiently, use less energy (so you get less tired) and help reduce your risk of injury. Please tell your future self – you’re very welcome.  

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