Podiatrist Cameron Liles

Podiatrist Cameron-LilesHi my name is Cameron and I’m a podiatrist at the Bathurst My Foot Dr clinic. I’m easy to talk to and passionate about all aspects of podiatry. I have a special interest in musculoskeletal podiatry which involves diagnosing and treating problems that affect the skeleton and muscles of the lower limb. This can range from common foot and ankle problems such as heel pain and ankle sprains, all the way up to shin splints, knee pain, and even hip and lower back pain.

I first became interested in a career in Podiatry after completing my first degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. My interest in Podiatry stemmed from my own motivation and desires to be able to to achieve longevity in health, and more specifically running. With that in mind, I feel I can share a wealth of knowledge to my patients around how to achieve physical and mental well being through being able to stay fit and healthy by managing their body accordingly.

Growing up and wanting to learn about health and fitness, I experienced a lot of frustration with the amount of content out there that was either excessively complicated, needed specialist expensive equipment to perform, was fear-mongering or extremely sales based and would make outrageous claims surrounding what ‘must’ be done in order to achieve a desired goal. Often this advice had no evidence backing, was harmful in the long run, and never actually achieved the desired goals.

It is for this reason I pride myself on delivering honest, evidence-based treatment plans that focus on good habits, and positive long term outcomes. As a podiatrist we have a range of tools in our arsenal that we can use to achieve this. We can provide a thorough assessment and diagnosis for any lower limb complication, padding and strapping, footwear advice, custom foot orthotics and tailored exercise and rehabilitation programs just to name a few.

Outside of work, you’ll probably find me out on the road running somewhere, enjoying all that Bathurst has to offer. I also love getting away to the coast for a spot of fishing and exploring new locations.

So if you have any issues large or small, pop on into the Bathurst clinic and say hello, I look forward to meeting you.