Hello, I am Joe. I was born and raised in South Korea. After 2 years of military service in the Korean Army, I came to Australia and obtained a Bachelor of Podiatry from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). In 2023, I joined the MyFootDr team and am based at the Tweeds Head clinic.

My interest in podiatry was rooted from my own experiences with lower limb injuries attained from sports and the army. It emphasised the importance of foot and lower limb health and how it affects the entire body system.

Previously, I’ve had the opportunity to coach various sports to children such as soccer, basketball, badminton, and swimming. Additionally, I also worked alongside a paediatric physiotherapist as a mobile allied health assistant for the disabled paediatric population.

I am interested in all fields of podiatry, such as general foot and nail care, sports injury, orthotic therapy, nail surgery and paediatrics. My goal as a podiatrist is to help people improve their foot health and be pain-free when they are on their feet and walking. I strongly believe that the quality of life can be improved with healthy feet.

I am fluent in Korean and English. In my spare time, I enjoy playing golf and badminton, going to the gym to stay fit, and enjoy watching movies at the movie theatre.